you know assholes who say addicts “throw their life away” are actually the ones making the life of an addict meaningless.

because believe me when i say that addicts rarely see their lives as meaningless. neither do the people who love them, work with them, and live with them.

phillip seymour hoffman was loved by his wife, his children, his friends and coworkers, and his fans. he was an accomplished, oscar winning actor who took his job seriously and was always taking his craft further.

to say that because he died of an overdose he “threw his life away” and was “stupid” and “senseless” is disrespectful to PSH, to his family, and to basically anyone who deals with addiction in their lives, either in one form or another.

the people i have loved and lost to addiction were not stupid. they were not senseless. they were people i loved. don’t you dare fucking act like their lives meant nothing because of their problems.

just shut the fuck up.

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Never trust a person who can’t gracefully accept that they shouldn’t say certain words due to violent histories of those said words

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A fun thing to do when people accuse you of “thinking people should just have stuff HANDED TO THEM! ! !” Is to just cold be like yes. I absolutely do believe that. I think every single person should have their needs met unconditionally without ever having to prove that they “deserve” it based on arbitrary criteria of usefulness. You got me. Busted.

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i don’t trust people who are super into “proper grammar” and “correct punctuation” because what lies just beyond that smug superiority is some sinister classism that gets acutely racist in a red hot minute, so for similar reasons I’m instantly wary of anyone who takes great pride in their love of “logic” and “intellect” 

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